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Together, We Can Make a Difference.

Join fellow industry leaders and partner with AGORA to empower more people of color to become and stay homeowners.

Not only is closing the wealth gap the right thing to do, it’s smart business for you.

With the help of our partners — innovators in the financial, real estate, government, and housing industry who value equality, justice, and performance — AGORA is doing just that.

Since 2010 our partners have provided AGORA with donations for our housing clients. The donations range from building repair materials, clothing, food, and so much more. These donations have been a source of comfort to all of our Clients.



For three years in a row, CIBC Bank has awarded AGORA with a Capacity Building Grant. In 2020, the Capacity Grant for $5,000 contributed to helping AGORA successfully go from office to remote services. AGORA was able to continue seamlessly and set up two Counselors and three Support Staff to keep services such as financial literacy, and resources to those in need during the midst of the COVID-19 Crisis. We at AGORA are grateful that CIBC has entrusted AGORA and to aid us in providing housing services to our target communities.


AGORA was awarded the designation of HUD-Approved Housing Advising Agency in 2009.

HUD has provided an abundance of resources and opportunities that allow us to service community residents. Each year, subsequently, AGORA has been awarded Grant Funding has been an integral to the hiring and retention of professional, experienced and well-informed Housing Advisers. AGORA’s commitment is to educate the public on the services provided by HUD and to understand the what Housing Advisers can contribute to building and sustaining families and communities.


Wells Fargo Bank was the very first Community Investor Lender who awarded AGORA a Home Buyer and Home Owner Capacity Building Grant.

This Grant helped us to service over 300 home buyer; renters and home owners to understand the importance of financial capacity and how it relates to successfully retain affordable housing.

Every year since 2011, WELLS FARGO has supported AGORA’s Housing Programs through funding continuing educational classes and certifications. The support received, enabled us to grow and expand our programs to provide needed services to under-served Communities. WELLS FARGO awarded AGORA, in 2014 an on-going Fee-For-Service Agreement that has increased our capacity and to reach Home Owners who are at-risk of Mortgage Default or Foreclosure.

​​Wells Fargo Foundation – has been a yearly supporter both financially and educationally of our housing program.



Since 2012, PNC Bank has provided financial and educational support to AGORA. Every year, since 2012, PNC Bank has continued to be committed to helping communities by provided Financial support of AGORA’s Home Buyer Education Program and donations that contribute to AGORA’s accessing educational opportunities to enhance our services to the community.

The commitment of PNC Bank has attributed to our ability to continue to offer FREE Home Buyer 8-Hour Education Workshops to those desiring to purchase a home. Also, PNC Bank has supported AGORA in our development of an Interactive Home Buyer Education Model. The Pilot for an Interactive Home Buyer Program was in conjunction with Bank of America and PNC Bank who were the lender partners who initially backed the program model. The success of the Program will be evidenced by year-end 2020 that will represent the 1st full year of offering the Program to the general population through impact deliverables.

PNC Foundation – has been a yearly community investor supporting home retention, home purchase housing programs. ​


Bank of America has partnered with AGORA since 2011 and supported our Home Buyer Education Program. The Mission of AGORA strongly aligned with Bank of America’s Mission and in 2014 AGORA was awarded a Fee for Services Agreement with Bank of America’s CONNECT TO OWN HOME BUYER PROGRAM.

AGORA’s program launched under this Fee for Service Agreement was the Interactive Home Buyer 8-Hour Education Classes to reach the younger new home buyers by making it easier for them to complete the required educational class to purchase their home. This Interactive Program Pilot was in conjunction with Bank of America and PNC Bank who were the lender partners who initially backed the program model. The success of the Program will be evidenced by year end 2020 that will represent the 1st full year of the offering of the Program to the general population.


A HUD-Approved National Housing Intermediary approved AGORA as their Chicago-Area Affiliate Housing Agency in 2011. As an Affiliate under HOMEFREE-USA, AGORA has a connection with housing resources on a National basis. HOMEFREE-USA continues to provide growth opportunities for their Affiliates.

AGORA applauds HOMEFREE-USA in their commitment to provide the resources and support to we need to serve the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. Recently, HOMEFREE-USA launched it’s newest endeavor — to bring housing education and financial literacy as it relates to affordable housing to colleges and universities. We look forward to being a part of bringing the same opportunities to the schools here in Chicago and surrounding areas.


The Chance Project – Community Resource Center New Life Southeast Church
SouthShore Works – Housing and Home buying Committee
Adopter of The National Standards for Housing Counseling
SOW Project – Westside Community Housing Project

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